High Ate Us

A good day to you loyal listeners and now readers. Patrick and I have deliberated and we’ve come to the conclusion that: We don’t know what the fuck we’re doing. We sort of jumped into this podcast thing when my brain was a-cravin’ for something more than my LiveJournal and came up with the idea of recording the nonsense that we talked about every few days.

But I have zero experience in listening to podcasts, so knowing what anyone would want to hear about and what kind of format to put that in once I figured it out was so out of my league that I wasn’t willing to try. Now I, we, know better. Over the summer we’re going to listen to podcasts until our ears bleed, figure out which ones we like, which ones the fans like, why, and sort things out from there.

We so appreciate the few of you who took this first step with us and kept us on our toes, giving us reason to make a recording each week, even on days when we really couldn’t care less about doing it. We hope that you’ll be with us whenever we come back (and we’ll be sure to let you know when that happens).

There are a few ideas that we have in store for what I guess I’ll call the 2nd Season of Discussions of an Uncertain Nature, but I won’t divulge here what they are. You’ll just have to tune in next time. ^_^



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