On this episode we discuss Pokemon, Testicles, and Old English! Enjoy and LEAVE COMMENTS!


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  1. Wolfen on

    Shar-Pei is the dog you’re thinking of.

  2. Josh on

    I listen!!! Plus I’m with Patrick on not envying people that think “God will provide” etc etc…except I would call that “pitiful naivety” and envy it about as much as I envy a child believing in the tooth-fairy, which is zero.

    P.S. “adults” should NOT spend so much time talking about pokemon.
    P.P.S. Woooo I’ve now appeared in 2/7 episodes!

  3. Nathan on

    Favorite Pokemon = Growlithe. What’s cooler than a loyal companion that can “flame on” whenever he wants? Now THAT is a guard dog.

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