Celebrating Earth Day and Raising Cain!

On this episode of discussions of an uncertain nature we cover topics including- washing hands (do you do it), Earth Day conservation, what’s in a name, and busting Mythbusters. Please leave comments, thank you for listening, and enjoy!


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  1. Mark on

    Hey Meg and friend of Meg I do not personaly know. I believe that this is now my weekend tradition to listen to your podcast. I have to say my favorite Pokemon is Eevee for the main reason as Meg stated, It is cute. Even though you discontinued the reject x-men I caught myself thinking of one the other day. I was at my music locker and noticed a piece of paper that was on top and so I unconxious reached for it and it turned out to be a straw wrapping. I then thought what if your power was to find inconspicious things and you have to reach for them. So if there was gum under a desk you would sense it and have to reach for it. How horrible would that be? Well you must be doing something right if I am thinking of your podcast at 7am. Looking forward to next week.

  2. Jay on

    My favorite Pokemon is definitely Squirtle, and not just because he is the closest looking Pokemon to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s, but also because He’s a Bad Ass. He is #007, can easily be taught ice type moves, and was the leader of the Squirtle Squad!

    • Jay on

      PS- the Mythbuster’s did go back and re-test the “Peeing on an electrified fence or train rail” thing. They found that their first test was inconclusive because the stream was essentially pee pouring out of a whole in a plastic bag, and it did not account for…more anatomically correct methods. They retested with an improved method and found that, yes, you can be electrified if you pee on an electrified fence or train rail. They themselves did it, on a very low current fence.

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